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Board of Directors

Krista Clive-Smith

Krista Clive-Smith is a lifelong philanthropist and a nationally recognized expert in the fields of Personal Branding, Publishing and Business. 

Named to the Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding young business professionals and one of San Diego Woman Magazine's 2019 Women of Distinction, Krista is the author of Get Noticed. Be Remembered: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success (Merack Publishing, $15.95) and the 4-Disc audio series "How to Grow, Brand, Market and Sell Your Business."​


A serial social entrepreneur, Krista and her team at CLUTCH Personal Branding and Merack Publishing help time-starved entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to increase their credibility, have greater impact and grow their revenues to write and publish books that help them launch a personal brand platform to maximize their company's valuation and extricate them from the day to day operations of their business. ​

Born and raised in Canada, Krista now works and thrives with her husband Ryan and their 8-year-old daughter Kennedy splitting their time between Durban, South Africa and San Diego, California.

Josh Haims

Josh has an innate ability to understand the potential connections between components, that together make innovative and previously disconnected entities come together to form very powerful and compelling offerings that provide enormous value.

Josh is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in general management, operations, finance & sales with a proven track record in working in both public and private organizations ranging from Fortune 15 to Entrepreneurial /Start-up ventures. The experience from running his own companies and working at recognizable brands like IBM, Bloomingdales, Verizon, etc. provide a personal depth of understanding about the dynamics of culture, operational and financial metric movement. These skills combined with his visionary talent, and palpable passion about excellence create a high-energy, focused and engaged executive that energizes and inspires others.


Josh has passion for family, friends, food and beverage, cooking, music, surfing, biking and causes such as supporting programs for disadvantaged youth to supporting awareness, programs and support for those managing aging and/or

ailing family members.

Erika Fetter

Erika deeply values the nonprofit community and spends much of her time working on philanthropy with a focus on education.  While running her own Fashion Directory business and leading the Park City Women’s Business Network, she began her nonprofit work at Sundance Institute as the merchandise manager/designer with all the profits benefiting independent film. The messages of these global films opened her eyes to the needs of so many in our community. 


Erika also found quickly that applying for-profit operational sensibilities to the nonprofit sector could increase the overall amount of aid delivered and decrease unnecessary overhead.  She currently serves on four boards in the San Diego area including; The Country Friends, Hanna Fenichel Center for Childhood Development, NextEd, and Unknown Voices. Erika deeply values the process of empowering people through education.  


Erika has a BA from USC and a MBA from Westminster College. She currently works as the Head of Style for Clutch Branding and teaches Zumba. She was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving to San Diego to enjoy year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, and an ideal work-life balance. 

Jabez LeBret

Jabez LeBret has been homeless, a high school dropout, and on a path to nowhere. After getting his GED, Jabez studied finance and marketing at Gonzaga University where he went on to be a financial analyst managing a $33 million P&L at Nordstrom. He became an international public speaker, author, and recently he sold his award winning marketing agency to free up time to change education. He is the co-founder of Sisu Academy, a new education model that is going to reshape how we reconnect with students in the San Diego region ultimately expanding beyond our city.  For more information please visit Jabez's LinkedIn profile:

Kenan Pala

Kenan Pala is a San Diego native who founded a nonprofit called Kids4Communtiy in early 2017 when he was 12 years old. Kids4Community is a nonprofit devoted to helping kids help the community through various volunteering events that mainly deal with ending homelessness and hunger. During Kenan’s free time, Kenan enjoys running, participating in triathlons and playing his guitar.

Luisa Osorio

Luisa Osorio is the Chief Strategy and Financial Officer of KWIM Corporation.  Currently providing Business Management and Financial advice to Inview Technology, a Digital TV innovation firm from Manchester, UK.  Previously, she consulted with several Government and Private companies on the Technology, Health and Beauty industries. She was also the CEO of Axure Tecnologies, a company that provides connectivity for onshore and offshore drilling wells in Colombia.  Mrs. Osorio is an Economist, MBA and Marketing specialist with working experience in South America and the US. 

Sonal Patel-Raval

Wife, Mother, Innovator, Go-Getter-, Pharmacist and a Part- Time Wannabe Beach-Comber. 


Sonal lives with her husband Kunal and their son Sai in San Diego. I am a nonstop go- getter whether it is taking care of family, helping a friend, being focused on my startup or just lending a helping hand to someone in need.  “If I can do it, I will” is my mantra. I was raised by two strong, focused and dedicated immigrants from India. Learning from their struggles makes me the person I am today.  The one and only thing that my father told me repeatedly was that “No one can take away the knowledge given to you.“


The most valuable thing we can provide for the world and our future generations is knowledge. It the key to self-sufficiency and growth. With this philosophy in my heart and the reach of Unknown Voices I hope to use the power of education to help those who are struggling to break through societal barriers and finally succeed in their goals of independence and self-sufficiency. 

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